Hasworld is a self taught Artist from London best known for his “Phantom” design which can be seen today all over the streets of London via street pasting. From paste-ups on walls to large canvas Hasworld delves into many forms of artistic expression from which he has developed his signature style of free flowing art intertwined with raw emotions and feelings. As he has progressed in the scene, his techniques have continued to grow and evolve from drawings and sketches into now fully multi-layered compositions. For a young man who had never taken Art seriously at school, the path that now lies before him is an unexpected one, one that he would eventually come to pick up in early adulthood. Amid his frustrations with the world and more importantly with himself he saw it necessary to go into a kind of hiding, wherein he felt the urge to pick up a pencil and draw random sketches on what was supposed to be his rhyme book. It was then in that moment he realised what his true calling in life was meant to be. His main childhood influences stem from hours upon hours of listening to musicians such as Prince, Pharrell Willams, Stevie Wonder, Notorious B.I.G, Manic Street Preachers and Q-Tip to now drawing inspiration from artists such as Dali, Basquiat and Banksy. Through his pieces he offers the viewer a choice of simplicity yet flowing with complexities that at first may seem hidden away but gradually become evermore drawn out with each new glance. With that his pictures, each displaying a new world, entice the beholder as he gazes into each and every crevice in sight seeking to discover more from within and captivating the imagination. In addition to this, having come from a background in poetry and music, Hasworld considers himself a lyricist. As such, he blends together art with lyricism in a form of expressionism that demands much deeper thought. Work by Hasworld can be found in galleries throughout London. (All work © by Hasworld)